Giving Thanks,
by Zach Silverman

This year I have so much to reflect on and be thankful for both personally and professionally. I’ve watched my family grow and my business grow and there are so many people in my life I am grateful for. 

To my wife, Gillian for taking care of the home front and bringing our kids up in such a happy, healthy environment where they are encouraged to laugh, smile, learn and find themselves. 
To my son, Nolan for being the most gentle, soft, loving and caring boy I could have ever asked for. I’m grateful every day for his morning cuddle and bedtime cuddle and everything in between. 
To my daughter, Maya for being the crazy, fun loving, bundle of energy that always brings excitement into my life. Maya has grown this year into being a little Kindergarten kid who loves to be social and is up for anything. 
On the professional front 2016 has been my best year in the business by miles. Not because of volume or revenue but because of my team. I’ve gone through many changes over the years trying to find the right structures and the right people and I am so happy with where our business is at and excited for what is ahead. I’m so grateful for each member of my team. 
Nadia (Nads as we call her) has really stepped up and done everything I could have ever asked for a Director of Underwriting. This position is such a challenge and is so integral to our business so I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a great person in this position that will allow our team the backbone to succeed! 
Jenn (Schottsy) has joined the team as our Director of Sales and Marketing. Jenn started as a part time role while doing other jobs and we quickly built a connection that within a month she committed to full time with just SMG and she is killing it! I’m so grateful to have someone as caring, happy and fun as Jenn doing really cool, innovative things in our business. It’s about time I had someone to hold me accountable for all the ideas I float around. 
Sara joined the team this year as well taking care of our client and general administration. I think I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say I am grateful for Sara that takes so much off the rest of our plates so everyone can focus on what we love to do and what we’re each great at doing. 
Kayd is brand new on the team and has come on as a Strategic Mortgage Planner. Kayd and I have been best friends for a long time and  I couldn’t be more thankful that Kayd will be bringing his Sales and Marketing background to the team. Everyone that knows both of us will know we’re going to have a lot of fun building and growing over the years! 
Last and definitely not least I am thankful for the community of clients, referral partners and everyone else that has supported me personally and professionally not just this year but over the years. I am determined and committed to continue growing as a person and a team to continue to improve the experience each and every one of you have with myself and my team. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope everyone has a safe and joyful long weekend!