All lenders will require a job letter from your employment in order to approve your income and get you qualified. The lenders will require the letter to be dated within 30 days of your application. Self employed are the only borrowers that will not require a letter.

A lot of people don’t want to get a job letter because they don’t want to bother their employer. Almost all employers will have had to write one at some point for a previous employee.

A letter of employment will benefit you in many ways:
  • Your letter will show your income if you were to work your maximum hours. This will qualify you for a higher amount than if you took a sick day or didn’t work to your full time hours. 

  • Often your previous tax year doesn’t reflect your actual earnings to date. A current letter of employment will show updated earnings.

  • Having a job letter will open you up to a larger amount of lenders. If you don’t have a LOE, you might be restricted and not able to get the best product for your situation.