communityPartnered up with the Langley School Board Foundation, Re/Max Treeland has helped so many families. Here are a couple more stories of what we’re doing right here in our own community!


Courtenay is a single mum with three girls aged 10, 6 and 4 who attend Langley Meadows Elementary. She recently left her abusive husband and receives no help from him. She works at a Fitness Centre and No-Frills Grocery store to make ends meet. She did have a full-time job at a dental office, but she had to leave that position so she could better look after her children. The two older girls witnessed the abuse and are currently in counseling to deal with the trauma of seeing their mother being hurt by their father. Despite all her problems, Courteney was managing to just get by, but then the faucet in the bathroom broke and water spewed out. When she was finally able to shut the water off, the damage had been done. Her insurance company will not start work on the repairs until she pays the $1000 deductible. Her house is a mess and she had no way to pay the deductible. Because of the Re/Max Treeland fund we were able to help her out. A huge weight has been lifted off her frail shoulders, thanks to your fund.

Jason is a 16-year boy trying to survive in a world that is not kind to kids with little or no resources. He is the eldest of five children, whose parents struggle to eke out a living, working as caterers. Because Jason is often called upon to help his parents with a floundering business, his school work inevitably suffers. But when he discovered, thanks to a caring teacher, that he had a knack for carpentry he was very excited about the opportunity to enter the Dual Credit Program offered at his school. The program allows students to receive their Level 1 Apprenticeship and at the same time their Grade 12 graduation – a great program that propels students into a lucrative and satisfying career. One problem – students must come up with $800 to pay for their tool kits before they can register in the program. The Langley School District Foundation provides some funding for highly motivated students who cannot afford to pay for their tool kits. We used $200 from the Re/Max Treeland fund to put towards Jason’s tool kit. He is extremely grateful for the help and promises to make the best of this opportunity. He is a great kid and will do well.