Helping Hands

Partnered up with the Langley School Board Foundation, RE/MAX Treeland has helped so many families. Here are a couple more stories of two remarkable individuals who we’ve been fortunate to help.
These two girls have such inspiring stories and despite the many obstacles they each face at home, at school, and in the community, they both have the same career aspirations and are working hard towards achieving it.  This fund has helped them reach their goal and they both will be studying in the Hair Dressing Program at Aldergrove Community Secondary School.

Family #1
Ashley lives with her mother, grandmother, older brother and twin sister. Her father is not in the picture and her mother is struggling to raise three children, one of whom has autism and epilepsy and another with ADHD. Medication is expensive and her mom often has to take off from her job as a Child Care Worker to look after them or to take them to the hospital or doctor’s appointments. Ashley desperately wanted to enroll in the hair dressing program at Aldergrove Community Secondary School but needed funds to purchase her required tool kit. She knew that there was no way on earth that her mother could afford to help her. The Re/Max Treeland Fund came to the rescue and she is thrilled to be able to pursue her career goals and so grateful to your organization. She hopes that when she graduates she will be able to work and help her family out. She is an amazing girl.

Family #2
Sarah has been living on her own since she was 15 years old. She has no contact with her parents who abused and assaulted her as a child. She recently heard that they have moved out of town. She is temporarily living with a family but her situation is precarious. She cannot rely on them for financial assistance. She comes to school hungry most days and is in constant fear of being thrown out on the street. Your fund ensures that she receives at least two proper meals per day and we were able to use some to help her enroll in the hair dressing program at Aldergrove Community Secondary School.

For anyone looking to get more involved, please contact Zach Silverman at 604.532.3824 or by email at