At Re/Max Treeland, we care about our community. We feel so fortunate to prosper in our local community and feel it is on us to do our part to give back. Re/Max Treeland has partnered with the Langley School Board Foundation to be able to help families in need. Here are just two stories of families we’ve been so fortunate to help:

Family #1

The grandmother was at her wits end. (I will call her Kate). Her daughter (Jessica) married at a young age and she and her husband (Jeff) had three kids. Meanwhile Jeff progressed from using soft drugs to becoming a heroin addict and Jessica too, started dabbling in drugs. They were on a downward spiral. To support their habits they started stealing, first from friends and family, then from local businesses – Tim Hortons, gas stations, drug stores, etc. The kids (aged 10, 8 and 6) were left unattended and neglected. The parents were finally caught and arrested. The children were put into foster care. But Kate – the grandmother fought to have them with her and she has been granted partial custody. However, she needs help. The principal at the school phoned me to see if the Foundation could help. I told him about the Re/Max Treeland fund and we were able to purchase 10 $100 gift cards to Walmart to help Kate out on a monthly basis. She would receive one gift card per month for 10 months. She was incredibly relieved and so thankful.


Family #2

Bonnie did not know where to turn. As a single mom with two kids she was doing her best trying to support the family as a hairdresser. But suddenly she hurt her back and was unable to withstand hour after hour on her feet. She was struggling and the kids were suffering. To make matters worse, her son was diagnosed with ADHD and needed Ritalin to help control the symptoms. Bonnie could barely afford to feed and shelter her children. Ritalin was out of the question.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more she met a man who seemed to be everything she was looking for. She gave up her apartment, sold or gave away all her furniture and belongings and moved in with him. She settled in and thought that maybe things would be okay. That was when the abuse started. It took barely a week. To Bonnie’s credit, she didn’t hang around. She gathered up her children and fled to the only place she could go. Back to her parents. They took her in, but she still needed help. Your fund allowed us to purchase 5 $100 gift cards to help with food and prescriptions for the children.


For anyone looking to get more involved please contact Zach Silverman at 604.532.3824 or by email at