THANK YOU so much for your support – it  keeps our business going strong. We couldn’t do it without our referral partners and we are very thankful!

At first glance this might seem like an unusual gift from a mortgage company – but as you know, we are a little “different” and darn proud of it! We aim to provide our clients with exceptional service and your referral tells us that we are meeting this goal. This is a gift of gratitude for your support.

We all know that the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home.’ Nothing brings people together more than enjoying a big meal and all of the great times that go along with it. Just the same as Silverman Mortgage Group offers high quality service, we like to use the highest of quality in our homes. A good knife is an item that gets used daily and is a necessity in any kitchen.

I hope these high-end knives find good use in your kitchen. 

All Cutco products are backed by a Forever – Lifetime Guarantee (… just as Silverman Mortgage Group will always be keeping a ‘sharp eye’ on our client’s finances, these knives will remain a ‘cut above’ for years to come.

Every year as a thank you, we will have  EVERY knife in your drawer sharpened for you as a reminder of how much we appreciate your support.

For each referral to SMG that is able to follow through to closing you will receive:

1st Referral– Cutco Santoku-Style Trimmer

2nd Referral– Cutco spreader

3rd Referral
– Cutco Petite Santuko Knife

4th Referral– Cutco Super Shears